Geoinformation and Land Surveying Office Saxony chooses simply the best!

The Geoinformation and Land Surveying Office Saxony decided to purchase a SMA SCAN MASTER 0 4838 in order to be prepared for the future. Regarding the background: Since the year 2002 a large format flatbed scanner (with 400 dpi resolution) had been deployed. Due to the increasing demand for more accuracy in the area of 0. 2 mm – every needle punch in the maps have to be visible in the scan – another scanner was added in 2006 (this time with 600 dpi resolution). When in 2020 both scanners started to become outdated the decison was made to aquire a new scanner that can keep up with the rather high internal standard. Almost no scanner in the market is able to meet the requirements so finally the choice was made to go with SMA. The SCAN MASTER 0 4838 is not only equiped with state of the art technology but also comes with a very high scanning resolution of 1200 dpi over the entire scanning range. Further the scanner is  capable of  scanning rather large originals and due to its integrated book cradle it can also handle bound originals without any problems. Another unique feature of the SCAN MASTER 0 4838 is its V3D technology which allows to reproduce structured surfaces true to the original.