The VATIKAN is breaking new ground – with SMA!

Digitizing books is a common process in today’s world. But many users are concerned about the safety aspect of it. Cloud storage is in everybody’s mind but also leaves uncertainties – in particular when you own unique content of special value and must ensure that ownership rights will not be violated. SMA joint forces and became technology partner in this project where a revolutionary concept of archiving digital information was implemented. This new approach makes sure that every scan is safe. Once scanned, the images can neither be copied nor altered or deleted. This new vision is a game changer and has the potential to change our industry! Finally digital archiving is safe!

We are truely excited to be part of this unique project which utilzes the blockchain as storage. The VATIKAN uses a SCAN MASTER 1 for digitizing their very old and valuable books. This well proven SMA book scanner is being used seven days a week, two shifts a day. Therefore it was very important for the VATIKAN not only to buy a high quality book scanner but also a robust and reliable one.

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