• FADGI & ISO Compliant
  • Model Depending Speed Selection
  • Transport width up to 317.5mm
  • Gentle Paper Transport
  • Straight Paper Throughput
  • Easy Accessable Papertransport
  • Document Sorting at full Scan Speed
  • Adjustable Input Pressure
  • Unlimited Daily Throughput
  • NoSCRATCH Glass Guide
  • Operation via large 7' MultiTouch Panel
  • Optional SlowDown Mode (20/40/80 ppm)
  • HD Imprinter
  • Line Sensor Technology
  • Scan Speed: 100-240 pages per minute depending on model
  • Optical Resolution: 600 dpi
  • Output Resolution: 75, 100, 150, 200, 240, 300, 400 and 600 dpi
  • Output Compression: CCITT Group IV, JPEG, PDF/R, TIFF or uncompressed
  • Color Depth: 24 Bit Color / 8 Bit Grey / Bitonal
  • Supported OS: Windows 7/8 (32/64 Bit), Windows 10/11 (64 Bit)
  • Driver: TWAIN, ISIS (MS61 ISIS compatible), WIA (on demand)
  • Maximum Stack Height: 75 mm (= approx. 750 sheets at 80 g/m2)
  • Document Width: 56 mm to 317.5 mm
  • Document Length: 60 mm to 1950 mm, LongDoc Mode up to 15.5 m
  • Paper Weight: 30 g/m2 to 300 g/m2

Document Scanner DS3X1

The DS3X1 Series is the lates additon to our scanner portfolio. It is a high end prodution scanner in the middle volume segment that sets completely new standards. One step down from the DS3X1, it combines the 24/7 operation capability and numerous premium functionalities of the world’s leading desktop production scanner into an even more compact device with favorable conditions. This allows you to handle even comparatively small daily volumes with the quality and reliability of a high-end production scanner, without spending the corresponding money. Optimized in terms of price and performance for daily a throughput ranging from hundreds to ten thousands of pages, the DS3X1 is the highest quality and most cost-effective choice whenever excellent results, intuitive usability and long product life are the key selection criteria. Nedless to say – the DS3X1 is 100% Made in Germany!

Apparently high throughput is the most striking feature of a production scanner. However, in the mid-volume segment other features and success factors such as user friendliness, ease of operation, the highest possible scan quality and smart features as well as sensible functionalities are more important here. In other words, state-of-the-art digitization does not always require maximum throughput but always genuine production scanners that address all relevant issues.