• Robotic and manual book scanning in one device
  • Scanning range above A1
  • Very high optical resolution
  • Free of IR and UV radiation
  • Virtual 3D technology (V3D)
  • Bidirectional scanning
  • Motorized heavy duty book cradle
  • Prime and consistent scanning results independent from ambient light
  • Scanning range 914 x 635 mm (36 x 25 inches)
  • Optical resolution of 600 ppi over the entire scanning range
  • 48 bit color depth
  • IP device with its individual IP address
  • Motorized 35 cm pull out book cradle as a standard feature


The ROBO SCAN 1 is the only robotic book scanner is the world that can handle books up to A1 fully automatic. For very problematic, rare or fragile books the robotic function can be disables and the ROBO SCAN 1 can be utilized like a manual book scanner. This is unique and there is no scanner in the market that combines all those features!